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Brandtastic – Frank’s Powerful & Experienced Marketing Company

Web Marketing Specialist for SpeakingFrank Motola is the President and CEO of Brandtastic, a nationally-recognized result-driven marketing company that has worked with clients throughout the US and even Canada. As a diverse web marketing company, the team at Brandtastic has perfected the process of website development, social media management, brand building, search engine optimization and successful web marketing campaigns.







A Skilled & Effective Marketing Team

While Frank is the long-time expert of marketing and branding, he has built a team of highly skilled marketing and web development professionals that work cohesively to create extremely successful results for clients in a range of different industries. From seasoned content writers to skilled coders and website optimizers, the crew of Brandtastic has everything you need to improve your web presence and increase your reach to your target market.

Brandtastic Serves Clients Across the US & Canada

Clients across the US have turned to Brandtastic when they need to build their brand, increase their lead generation and new business, and develop of successful website that will show up in search engine results. We strive to identify and follow the quickest, leanest route to quantifiable results. Campaigns involve the perfect combination of branding, collateral, web, SEO, SEM, PPC, social media, photography, content creation (writing and art) and creative marketing planning.

Real, Tangible Results!

Our tagline is “Results Driven Marketing” for a reason. We don’t endeavor to do anything unless we are confident that our clients will see tangible, measurable results! The proof is in the results and we are proud of the success our efforts have delivered for our clients. From ranking on the first page of Google to increasing conversions and qualified leads with web marketing campaigns, we have provided our clients with real, measurable results. The work we do should not be considered and expense, it is an investment that will pay for itself over and over again as time goes on. If you’d like to see our past successful projects or find out how Brandtastic can improve your bottom line, call Frank today. 407-414-5270

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