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Each and every one of Frank’s presentations is entertaining, educational, and informative to business audiences. Audiences get actionable content that they can do immediately to improve their position on the web and never get sold a sales pitch. The content, takeaways, and information that participants receive are beneficial and can be implemented with basic web knowledge and skills.

Some topics that Frank has presented on before include:

Fire Up Your Web Marketing | 10 Steps to Better Web Marketing

This fun, information packed session discusses the 10 most important steps that business owners can do to improve their website and web presence no matter what skill level they are. From the basics of a well-built website to social media marketing to local SEO work with citation creation, Frank discusses actionable steps each participant can take to perform better in search engines and get found on the internet.

Remarketing is Remarkable

Paid internet advertising is not just for large corporations or brands! Small businesses, service companies, and entrepreneurs can ALL benefit from paid ads on platforms like Google Adwords and Facebook.

During this presentation, Frank discusses how to successfully remarket to visitors of your websites with Google Adwords Display Ads and Facebook Remarketing Ads. From setting up an ads campaign on these platforms to tapping into and tracking visits to your website, Frank informs participants how to get the most “bang for your buck” with remarketing campaigns.

SEO – Create a Lead Generation Machine

The proof is in the pudding, so they say, and Frank has had many years of experience helping his clients rank well in SERPs and local searches. In this presentation, Frank discusses some of the most helpful, effective SEO tasks that even beginners can use to improve their presence on the web.
Each SEO tip is immediately actionable and can be utilized without needing advanced web knowledge. This presentation is perfect for audiences of small business owners or entrepreneurs who want to increase their traffic, gain more qualified leads, and increase their brand awareness by appearing higher in search engine results and showing up in local searches.


Brandtastic – Make Your Brand Fantastic!

Building a brand is no easy task but this super informative presentation is the perfect start for businesses that need to develop a unique, recognizable, and loved brand that will lead to repeat clients and loyal customers. Frank discusses how to develop a strong brand with a cohesive, consistent customer experience that will stretch from your storefront to your website to social media platforms and printed materials.

With tips on defining your brand to building meaningful benefits and qualities everyone in the audience will come away with an easy-to-follow guide for successful brand building no matter if your business has yet to launch or simply needs to go through a rebranding period.