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Clients – Past Speaking Engagements and Presentations

frank4Recently Frank has traveled to Orlando, Denver, Minneapolis, Nashville, Tampa, Salt Lake City & Atlanta to deliver presentations. He has delivered dozens of keynote presentations and breakout sessions and is actively looking for speaking opportunities to help businesses perform better on the web and gain more qualified leads. Each session has been geared towards the audience in attendance, whether that was fellow SEO industry leaders or small business owners and managers that are unfamiliar with today’s most successful tactics.

Past clients have including industry groups, Chamber of Commerce groups, tradeshows, and small local business owner networks. Using engaging presentations packed with helpful, actionable information is how Frank is able to empower business owners and managers to create a successful presence throughout the web while building their brand and reaching their target market.

Frank has been invited to be the keynote speaker or expert presenter at:

  • Tampa Bay Business Owners “Google Summit”
  • Florida Swimming Pool Association
  • United Buyers Group
  • National Entrepreneur Center
  • SBDC
  • Lakeland Chamber of Commerce
  • Plus a number of other small business groups

As one of the top experts on SEO and web marketing techniques, Frank’s articles have been featured on a number of sites and publications across the web. Because Frank and his team always stay on top of the ever changing landscape of SEO and web marketing, he is able to provide the most effective, safe, and cost efficient way to perform well in all areas of a web marketing campaign.

Web Marketing & SEO is important to every business vertical and if you have a trade organization that sponsors events, our content is perfect for business owners and marketing directors to learn how to utilize the web better.

Here is a video from a recent live radio appearance on Tampa Bay’s 1250 am.
The subject discussed on Jamie Meloni’s “That Business Show” was SEO.